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Atta is Indian whole wheat flour used to make flatbread such as chapati, roti, paratha or puri. Traditionally fresh Atta were prepared at home by grinding wheat in homemade stone grinder known as Chakki. We adapt the same rich process as used by our forefathers from generations  and are amidst largest flour manufacturers in indore india. Atta has high fiber content due to high bran and also has high in gluten thus its doughs can be strong and rolled out very thin.
Atta consist of all parts of wheat grain. It has bran, which contains fiber and other nutrients (vitamins B, iron, magnesium, and phytochemicals), endosperm, which contains carbohydrate, and germ, which consist of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fat, remain. Atta is considered healthier than Maida, which has endosperm only, thus rich in carbohydrate.

we are offering a qualitative range of Wheat Flour. This wheat flour is processed using premium grades of wheat with the help of advanced machines. Widely used for preparing chapattis and other food items, this flour is completely hygienic, pure and unadulterated. We properly pack this flour into food grade packaging material to ensure safety during transportation. Also, we ensure that this Wheat Flour is stringently tested on various food standards.